With the support from our partners, sponsors, and business competition cash winnings, we have been able to achieve many of our goals! We created a RiceUp Community Center, established efficient farming methods that brought success to some of the farmers, introduced the internet to them, provided financial training, and much more! Every dollar spent has produced great opportunities for the farmers, their families, and the community as a whole. 

We are currently raising money for farmer inputs such as fertilizers, seeds and other soil preparation necessities. We are also raising money to help supplement the education of their children. Our aim is to help generate a head start for our farmers as they pull away from the middlemen market system to a new system where they, the farmers themselves, can become their own "Agripreneurs". Let your dollar make a difference! Donate to the cause: 

You can help our farmers by becoming an investor in Cropital, a social enterprise that supports farmers by providing a low-interest loan through crowdfunding.  Cropital is now supporting RiceUp farmers.

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